Pakistan Continues To Assist Afghanistan In Educational Sector


The new Afghan government has committed to improving the country’s educational standards, and they are already making efforts in that direction. Afghan Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani, together with an eight-member group, visited Pakistan on December 5, 2021, to discuss Pakistan’s collaboration in the Afghan educational sector. During the discussion, the two sides agreed to expand collaboration between their respective higher education institutions.
In addition to offering help in Afghanistan’s educational system, Pakistan has always played a constructive role in the education of Afghan refugees. International organizations have frozen Afghan assets as a result of the international community’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the country now lacks the funds to maintain schools and pay salaries to the teachers. Pakistan is voluntarily assisting Afghans with humanitarian and educational aid. In this regard, Pakistan has planned to grant thousands of scholarships to Afghan students as part of its help package to the emerging Afghan administration. Also, it decided to establish an Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) campus in Kabul. The Ministry of Education and Professional Training has finalized an Rs 11.2 billion package to improve the education sector and skill development in the war-torn country.
Meanwhile, during the meeting with the Afghan delegation, President Arif Alvi said Pakistan would assist Afghanistan in the digital transformation of its varsities and provide online education to its students. There will also be various technical training programs for Afghan people in various fields. Pakistan’s support of Afghan students studying in Pakistan intends to improve people-to-people relations and promote bilateral cooperation in higher education, and as a result, it should remain unaffected by the change in Afghanistan’s political system. Afghanistan is going through difficult times, and the international community should provide economic and humanitarian aid to save the country from a possible humanitarian catastrophe.
The Afghan Education Minister expressed gratitude to the Pakistani government for its assistance in Afghanistan’s reconstruction and educational growth. Meetings with Pakistan’s leadership, he said, were positive.

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