Pakistan sees major decline in new COVID-19 cases


Two children wearing masks ride a motorcycle with their parents. Photo: site:
Two children wearing masks ride a motorcycle with their parents. Photo: site:
  • Pakistan reports only 4,874 new COVID-19 cases in a single day.
  • Decline in fresh cases pushes country’s positivity ratio down to 8.69%.
  • 30 more people succumb to coronavirus in last 24 hours.

Pakistan witnessed a major decline in the new COVID-19 cases as only 4,874 people tested positive overnight, the National Command and Operation (NCOC) data showed Sunday morning, keeping the country’s coronavirus positivity ratio below the 10% mark for the fifth consecutive day.

As per NCOC’s stats, 56,051 diagnostic tests were performed during the last 24 hours, of which 4,874 came back positive. The decline in the daily COVID-19 case count pushed the positivity ratio down to 8.69% and active cases to 90,797 in a single day. 

However, the total number of coronavirus cases rose to 1,459,773.

Meanwhile, the countrywide COVID-19 death tally was placed at 29,478 as 30 more people succumbed to the virus in the last 24 hours.

Pakistan’s Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan, asked the public to stop being lazy and get their booster shots if they haven’t already. As Pakistan fights the fifth COVID-19 wave led by the Omicron, Dr. Faisal Sultan had urged people to get their shots.

Before, he had told people to get their COVID-19 booster shots if it had been more than six months since they had their second dose.

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