Pakistan sets up Afghanistan Relief Fund


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has established “Afghanistan Relief Fund” for receiving donations from both domestic and international donors to help the war-ravaged country in a bid to avert a humanitarian crisis.

According to an official notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, it has been decided to establish/ open with immediate effect a Fund to be known as “AFGHANISTAN RELIEF FUND” to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

All proceeds on account of “AFGHANISTAN RELIEF FUND” and payment into the aforesaid Fund will be received at all branches of the State Bank of Pakistan, all treasuries, and branches of the National Bank of Pakistan, and all other scheduled banks.

The Fund may receive donations from both domestic, international donors and contributions from abroad, which will be received at all the branches of the above-referred banks where such branches are existing. In other foreign countries, contributions will be received at Pakistan Missions and remitted to the State Bank of Pakistan, which would prescribe the necessary procedure for their accounting.

All proceeds received in the Fund will be credited to the Public Account of the federal government under the following heads of accounts as Major Objects G12 Special Deposit Fund, Minor Object G121 Relief Funds, and Detailed Object (New) G12163 Afghan Relief Fund.

Accounts of the funds will be maintained by the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues, Islamabad, and funds will be administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in consultation with the Finance Division.

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