Pakistan, Turkey vow joint action against illegal immigration, human smuggling


  • Ministers discuss issues including regional peace, illegal immigration, human trafficking.
  • Interior ministers express to expand relations between Pakistan and Turkey.
  • “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Edrogan is considered as valued Muslim leader in Pakistan,” says Rasheed. 

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister of Pakistan Sheikh Ahmed Rasheed held a video call with Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu to discuss various issues of mutual interest between Pakistan and Turkey, Geo News reported Wednesday.

The ministers discussed several issues, including regional peace, illegal immigration, human trafficking, and various mutual interests, per sources.

During the call, the interior ministers expressed Pakistan’s desire to expand relations with Turkey.

According to sources, the two ministers agreed to take joint action against illegal immigration and human smuggling as it is considered a “common goal” for both countries.

Both the ministers invited each other on a visit to their countries.

“The relations between Pakistan and Turkey are old and brotherly,” said Rasheed, adding that both the countries have the same opinion over the issues faced by the Muslim Ummah.

Talking about the humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Rasheed said that Pakistan has urged the entire world to assist Afghanistan.

“The Extraordinary session of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), that was held to provide assistance to Afghanistan, is a diplomatic success for Pakistan,” he said.

He appreciated the assistance provided by Turkey to help Afghanistan to prevent the humanitarian crises there and said: “Relations with Turkey enjoy widespread support among Pakistanis.”

The minister said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considered “a valued Muslim leader in Pakistan.”

Rasheed assured his Turkish counterpart that action would be taken against human smuggling and illegal immigration, adding that: “Pakistan has zero-tolerance policy against people who are involved in these acts.”

“The Ministry of Interior and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will take strict actions to stop illegal immigration from Pakistan to Turkey,” he added.

The minister said that fencing on the borders of Afghanistan and Iran will prevent human and drug smuggling which will be started this year.

He further informed that the Pakistan-Iran border has 700-kilometre long fencing.

“Pakistan and Turkey are ‘brother’ Islamic countries, “ said Erdogan, adding that he is “proud of the mutual relations between the countries.”

He stressed increasing the relations between the interior ministries.

The Turkish minister said: “better relations between countries can help fight issues,” adding that illegal immigration and human trafficking create social and political issues.

He said that a joint strategy will help prevent issues like this. 

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