Pakistani woman gets prestigious French award

LONDON: A woman of Pakistani origin has received France’s prestigious National Order of Merit for her services in areas of education and social welfare for French society.

The French government has given Asma Ashraf the National Order of Merit which is the second national order after the Legion of Honour. This award is given to people who have distinguished merits in the exercise of public, civil or military function or of private activity for at least 10 years.

Speaking to The News, Ashraf said she is honoured to have received this medal which is recognition of the hard work she has been employing over the years. She said: “I see this honourable recognition as a testament of the values I stand for and I hope to encourage others to carry forward this legacy. I have a lot of projects in mind and I am looking forward to being able to deliver them.” She said the French government has recognised her in her capacity as Director and Founder of Femme Relais Médiatrice nterculturelle de Champigny (FRM C) which provides counselling and solutions to intercultural women.

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