People above 30 eligible to get booster dose: NCOC


People above 30 eligible to get booster dose: NCOC

ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) Monday urged masses to get fully vaccinated to prevent from the new variant of coronavirus omicron.

The forum discussed the epidemic curve chart data, national vaccine strategy and disease prevalence across the country. The forum agreed upon taking strict measures regarding obligatory vaccination regime.

The NCOC reviewed province-wise vaccination targets and efforts to achieve the set vaccination targets. During the last 24 hours, 713,582 people were vaccinated. A total of 141,509,339 people have been vaccinated so far which makes 58% vaccinated population of the country.

Omicron variant has been reported in 95 countries, with 58,000 confirmed cases uptil now, Europe being its epicentre with UK and Denmark having highest number of cases.

As many as 149 confirmed cases of Omicron have been reported so far in India. It was decided in the session that the individuals with 30 years plus age are eligible to get booster dose of their own choice from 1st January 2022.

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