Petroleum products price expected to shoot up by Rs10: sources


— Reuters/File
— Reuters/File
  • Price of petrol will move up by Rs7 per litre: sources.
  • Rate of diesel will increase by Rs10 per litre: sources.
  • The final decision will be made on January 30.

The price of petroleum products is expected to shoot up by Rs10 for the next month in line with the rising rates in the international market.

Industry sources told Geo News that the price of petrol will move up by Rs7 per litre, while the rate of diesel will increase by Rs10 per litre.

The Finance Division will take the final decision after consultations with Prime Minister Imran Khan on January 30.

The government had on January 15 announced a Rs3.01 increase in the price of petrol owing to the rising petroleum prices in the international market.

Product Existing prices w.e.f
New prices
Increase/(-) Decrease
MS (Petrol) Rs144.82 Rs147.83 +3.01
High Speed Diesel (HSD) Rs141.62 Rs144.62 +3.00
Kerosene (SKO) Rs113.48 Rs116.48 +3.00
Light diesel oil Rs111.21 Rs114.54 +3.33

According to a notification by the Finance Division, besides petrol, an increase in other petroleum products was also enforced from January 16.

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