Dozens Of Worship Places Of Minorities About To Renovated and Opened

February 2, 2021 2:16 pm by Web Desk

This year, several Gurdwaras and Temples throughout Pakistan will undergo renovation as the country is home to hundreds of holy places belonging to different and vast minorities. Currently, the total number of Gurdwaras and temples in Pakistan stands at 1,830. Regrettably, only 31 Temples and Gurdwaras out of the said number are operational as of now, motivating the government to take the action.

The renovation of several Temples and Gurdwaras is likely to be completed this year with the help of the Evacuee Trust Property Board, the provincial governments and the Sikh and Hindu community members.

In Lahore only, the renovation of two historic Churches are under improvement while seven Temples and an ancient Sikh mansion, will be restored in Rawalpindi.

The construction of a crematory, community centre and a temple for the Hindu community at the H-9 sector of Islamabad is also likely to be completed in 2021.

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