Pakistan Cautious On Afghan Peach Deal Review

February 2, 2021 2:03 am by Web Desk

Pakistan has said the Afghan peace process had advanced into a crucial phase that needs “commitment and responsibility” by all sides, in a statement that proposes Islamabad is not supporting the review of the peace deal by the new US administration.

Top administrators of the Biden administration lately indicated that the US would evaluate the breakthrough deal signed between Washington and Afghan Taliban in February 2020. This development came at a time when intra-Afghan dialogue is in progress in Doha where the Afghan Taliban and Afghan government have been trying to finalize the agenda.

The talks have made sluggish development due to differences between the two sides. What added to the already complicated process is the continued violence in Afghanistan.

The administration of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was rapid to welcome the declaration of a review by the Biden administration, while condemning the Taliban for not living up to the arrangement.

Asked to comment on the Pakistan’s reaction to the possible review, Foreign Office spokesperson Zahid Hafiz expressed to reporters that Pakistan had consistently upheld that there was no military solution to the Afghan issue.

“An Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process for an inclusive, political settlement is the best way forward for attaining lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan,” he added.

“Towards this end, Pakistan has been constructively engaged with all Afghan sides as well as the international stakeholders for facilitating the Afghan peace process. The international community has duly recognised Pakistan’s efforts in this regard,” the spokesperson said.

“We believe that the intra-Afghan negotiations have now advanced into an important phase where all the negotiating sides are required to show continued commitment and responsibility for moving forward towards reaching a comprehensive political settlement,” FO said.

“It is important for the Afghan to seize this historic opportunity.”

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