‘PM accusing Bhuttos, Sharifs of his own three-year govt disaster’


LAHORE: PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman has said Prime Minister Imran Khan is accusing Bhutto and Sharif families of his own three years government disasters while the narrative of shifting one’s own failures to others has failed miserably.

She said this while reacting to PM Imran Khan interview here Saturday. She held PM Imran Khan has increased the overall loans of the country by 70 percent.

She held PM Imran Khan is shifting the allegation to others after obtaining loans to the tune of Rs20.7 trillion in three years. Today the inflation ratio has been reported 19.49 percent in weekly report she indicated. Is someone else other than the incumbent government responsible for the record loans unemployment inflation and crisis during the three years. When government will accept its responsibilities. Perhaps still he has not realised that he is in government.

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