PM directs ministry to conduct follow-up


Usman Mirza, motorway rape cases: PM directs ministry to conduct follow-up

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the relevant authorities to submit a progress report on the pursuit of the Islamabad harassment case, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill said Wednesday.

The state has announced to pursue the case pertaining to a couple’s harassment in Islamabad after the female victim withdrew her statement and submitted an affidavit to refuse further proceedings, says a Geo News report.

Taking to Twitter, Gill said aside from the Islamabad harassment case, the prime minister has sought a report on the motorway rape case as well and has directed the Ministry of Law and Justice to conduct a follow-up on both cases on a daily basis and bring them to a conclusion. Gill quoted PM Imran Khan as saying, “protection of the citizens’ rights is the primary duty of the government”.

Earlier, PTI’s Parliamentary Secretary Maleeka Bokhari had tweeted to announce the federal government’s decision to pursue the couple’s harassment case on the state’s behalf. She said the decision has been taken in view of the female victim’s denial of recognising the suspects despite the availability of “irrefutable” video and forensic evidence.

Maleeka further stated that the culprits involved in the case must face the law. “The State will pursue prosecution in the Usman Mirza case irrespective of recent developments relating to victim’s testimony. Irrefutable video & forensic evidence on record- anyone harassing & stripping a woman must face full force of the law,” she wrote. On Tuesday, during the hearing of the case at Islamabad District and Sessions Court, the female victim submitted a stamp paper and said that “the police itself has created this case, neither I have recognised any accused nor have signed any papers.”

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