PM Imran Khan tasks PTI leaders to gather 1 million people for Islamabad rally


Supporters PTI political party attend a celebration rally in Islamabad on July 30, 2017. — Reuters/File
Supporters PTI political party attend a celebration rally in Islamabad on July 30, 2017. — Reuters/File
  • PM Imran Khan warns MNAs from crossing floor.
  • He says legal action to be taken against such MNAs.
  • Massive rally to be held a day before no-trust motion session.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to hold a large rally of supporters and has tasked PTI leaders to gather one million people in the Federal Capital for the purpose, sources said Saturday.

The decision came after the prime minister met members of the Parliament from Rawalpindi, Chakwal, and Islamabad, sources said and assigned the task of hosting the rally to PTI’s Islamabad chapter.

Sources said the massive rally will be held a day before the no-confidence motion session takes place, a date for which has been decided yet.

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The prime minister, while speaking to the lawmakers, said any member of the National Assembly who crosses the floor and betrays the government during the session on the no-confidence motion would face legal action.

“We will defeat the Opposition’s no-confidence motion,” sources quoted the prime minister as saying.

The political activities have rapidly increased in the country, with the Opposition holding repeated meetings with government allies to support their no-trust motion. Meanwhile, the PTI is wooing its allies in a bid to foil the no-confidence motion.

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The Opposition parties moved a no-confidence motion seeking the ouster of PM Imran Khan on March 8, accusing him of mismanaging the economy and poor governance.

After submitting the no-confidence motion in the NA Secretariat, the Opposition is trying to woo the PTI allies in supporting its no-trust move, while the government has ramped up the efforts of retaining its allies.

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