PML-N striking deal with PTI lawmakers: Ata Tarar


PML-N striking deal with PTI lawmakers: Ata Tarar

ISLAMABAD: PML-N’s Deputy Secretary General Ataullah Tarar, while speaking in the Geo News programme Capital Talk on Wednesday, said they were making a deal with PTI’s lawmakers, who were frequently in contact with them.

He said some of them had left them earlier but now they were fed up with the performance of PTI. He further said that all of them know that if now they go to the people to seek their votes from PTI’s ticket, the people will take them to task.

The PML-N leader said that due to unprecedented inflation, a PTI nominee in Khanewal did not put Imran Khan’s poster. He said that neither any PMLN leader had ever talked about any deal nor it was hinted by Ayaz Sadiq that they were involved in any kind of deal with the establishment.

He said the members of PML-Q, PPP, PTI and MQM-P are in contact with Ayaz Sadiq, adding that he has been entrusted with the task of bringing the PTI members into the PML-N’s fold. Ataullah Tarar said finding the foreign funding of PMLN and PPP was the answer to PTI’s foreign funding. He said the ruling party received the funding of more than one billion rupees of which it spent 33 crores for personal use. He questioned that under what law, the money was deposited in the bank accounts of four employees of PTI, manager Tahir Iqbal, office boy Nauman Afzal, cook Muhammad Arshad and Peon Muhammad Rafique.

He further asked why Indian national Inderjeet and a Jewish man sent money to the PTI accounts. He said the PTI’s foreign funding case has not been decided for the past seven years, adding that the ruling party’s foreign funding case had witnessed delays of seven years.

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