PML-N workers attack PPP candidate’s residence, saying he was ‘buying votes’


  • PML-N workers attack PPP camp office, break into candidate’s residence in PP-206 constituency.
  • PML-N leader accuses PPP candidate of buying votes.
  • PPP candidate Mir Wasiq Serjis Haider told police that a corner meeting was taking place.

KHANEWAL: Workers from the PML-N attacked the house and camp office of a PPP candidate in the PP-206 constituency in Khanewal on the grounds that the latter was allegedly buying votes from underprivileged women for Rs2,000, reported Geo News on Wednesday.

A case has been registered against PML-N leaders for attacking the PPP camp office and breaking into the residence of PPP candidate Mir Wasiq Serjis Haider.

PML-N leader Ata Tarar and other workers arrived at the residence of PPP candidate Mir Wasiq in constituency PP-206 Khanewal yesterday, where a large number of women had gathered in and around the vicinity of the house. The PML-N leader reportedly accused the PPP candidate of buying votes by inviting underprivileged women to their houses and giving each of them Rs2,000.

Meanwhile, the PML-N and PPP workers were about to start a brawl when the police intervened and halted both parties’ workers.

PPP candidate Mir Wasiq Serjis Haider told the police that a corner meeting was taking place at his residence when PML-N leaders and workers attacked him.

According to Haider, the PML-N leaders were “bewildered” by the massive crowd.

Later, at the request of the PPP candidate, a case was registered against more than 50 workers of the PML-N, including Ata Tarar.

The case of buying votes

Earlier, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry accused PML-N of contesting elections with the lure of money. In reaction to a viral video of voters being allegedly bribed ahead of Lahore’s NA-133 by-election, Minister for Information had asked whether “buying votes for Rs2,000” is how respect is accorded to the vote.

His remarks, during a rally in Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum, were in reference to the PML-N mantra “vote ko izzat do”, meaning “respect the vote”.

The war for votes between PML-N and PPP in Lahore’s NA-133 had gone beyond the constituency to social media, where a viral video appeared to show voters being bribed by party members.

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