Police term death of young woman who drowned at Seaview ‘murder’


SSP South Zahida Parveen addresses a press briefing in Karachi on January 12, 2023. — Photo by author
SSP South Zahida Parveen addresses a press briefing in Karachi on January 12, 2023. — Photo by author 

KARACHI: Police have termed the death of a girl — who drowned at Seaview — murder, saying two suspects have also been arrested in connection with the case.

In a press conference Thursday, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) investigation South Zahida Parveen said the police arrested the owner of the animal hospital, Shan Saleem, and Waqas, whereas the third alleged facilitator, Bisma, is currently on the run. 

The deceased, identified as Sarah Malik, was a physiotherapist but due to her interest in pet animals, she worked at a veterinary hospital, the SSP added.

Sarah’s cause of death is still unknown, however, the detained perpetrator Shan has made important revelations during the interrogation, the SSP told reporters.

“Other hospital staff members are also part of the investigation. The cause of death will be revealed after the final autopsy report,” the police officer said, adding that the deceased “was not sexually abused prior to her death”.

The SSP went on to say that Shan claimed there was no discipline in the hospital and the staff apparently indulged in more than just “friendship”.

Zahida Parveen, while divulging the details during the briefing, further said that a man, Jamal, intimated the police regarding the drowning of a girl in the afternoon of January 6 by calling 15 — the police helpline.

She also said that some of the belongings including a bag, a pair of shoes, socks, and a hospital card — which helped identify the victim — were recovered alongside the girl’s body. 

She said that according to the initial autopsy report, “the body was not drenched in water and there were marks on the face prior to the death. The clothes and the get-up of the girl were similar as described by the caller on 15. The girl allegedly sat on the beach and cried for 15 minutes. The girl also scolded the caller for calling 15”.

The SSP further added that the caller, Jamal, has also been made part of the interrogation. She said that the girl’s father had nominated the doctor of the hospital and the staff member Bisma in the case. “Receptionist Iradhna has also been included in the probe.”

Moreover, she said that Shan informed the police that he had hidden Sarah’s phone. “Shan and his friend, Waqas — who was responsible for providing feed to the animals — had been found directly involved in destroying the evidence.

According to the police officer, Shan gave Sarah the position of administrator after two years of joining and this is how their relationship was established.

Sarah, who looked after the affairs of the hospital, got angry when she allegedly got to know about a relationship between Shan and Bisma — who was hired a few months back.

When she got angry, the SSP said, without specifying the location, Sarah threw her phone and left. “Sarah’s phone was hidden which was recovered and sent for forensics.”

SSP Parveen further said that the place of the murder is yet to be ascertained. “Vulgar activities were taking place under the name of the hospital”, she added. 

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