Politics must be separated from Afghan humanitarian needs


KABUL: The World Food Program (WFP) has once again warned that millions of Afghans are struggling with hunger and poverty.

Based on na WFP report, the deteriorating situation of Afghanistan is greatly affecting children, with more than 3 million Afghans facing malnutrition across the country.“The international community has very real concerns about this stage, and this time, where the crisis is in Afghanistan — we need to separate the humanitarian imperatives from the political discussion,” said Mary Ellen, World Food Program Representative and Country Director in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, several Afghan families spoke to media who are experiencing hunger for various reasons, including displacement because of the conflict.In some places, poor families sell their possessions to provide food for their family members.“My husband has been missing for three months, I do not know about him. There aren’t three meals (a day) for ours,” said Guljan. WFP reported earlier that more than 22 million Afghans are going to face food insecurity from November of 2021. –

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