10 tolas of gold recovered from Peshawar airport’s toilet

March 31, 2021 6:57 pm by Web Desk


  • The CAA has foiled a smuggling bid at the Peshawar Airport, confiscating 10 tolas of gold.
  • A CAA official named Faisal discovered the gold in one of the toilets of the airport, hidden in mobile phone boxes.
  • CAA officials have handed over the recovered gold to the customs and have asked authorities to reward Faisal for his honesty.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has recovered 10 tolas of gold from the toilet of the Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar, Geo News reported Wednesday.

According to CAA officials, an officer named Faisal found 20 boxes of mobile phones in one of the toilets of the airport. When the boxes were opened for inspection, 10 tolas of gold was found to be hidden inside them.

The official who discovered the boxes says some of the mobile phones were very expensive as well.

The civil aviation official has handed over the gold found in the airport toilet to customs officials.

Airport officials say they have recommended relevant authorities to reward Faisal for his honesty and dedication.

Attempts to smuggle gold in unusual ways are not unprecedented. Back in 2018, customs officials at the Peshawar airport had seized 230 tolas gold, along with 10 grams of jewellery, from six passengers attempting to smuggle the haul from Dubai into Pakistan via flight EK-636.

The seized gold had been hidden skillfully inside the luggage, and was estimated to be worth Rs10.23 million.


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