16 bodies recovered from mass grave in Kohat: police

April 9, 2021 5:38 pm by Web Desk


Police in Kohat have recovered 16 bodies from a mass grave in the mountainous region of BoboKhel that borders the city of Nowshera, it emerged on Friday.

According to police, the bodies have all been lifted from the grave and an investigation into the matter is underway.

According to Geo News correspondent Syed Yasir Shah, in 2011, some labourers had been kidnapped, murdered and their bodies disposed of in the mountains.

“Due to the sensitive nature of law and order in this area, there was no movement of people here,” said the correspondent.

“After a long time, the heirs of the deceased urged the government to recover the bodies, so a rescue operation was carried out today,” Shah added.

In March 2012, in a similar discovery, more than 50 bodies had been dug out from mass graves in the Jowakhi mountainous area.

More to follow.


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