PM Imran Khan warns PDM

March 11, 2021 8:26 pm by Web Desk

Prime Minister Imran Khan at a public event with Sheikh Rasheed (L) and Pervaiz Rasheed (Right) and Babar Awan (Extreme Right). Photo: File
  • Neither did I ever succumb to pressure nor I ever will, says PM Imran Khan.
  • Premier says PTI got elected to power to change the system.
  • We have to keep all options in mind, including the possibility of fresh elections, says PM Imran Khan.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday warned Opposition parties that he was not among those who “would leave the battleground” as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) amasses support for its intended long march later this month.

This was said by the prime minister while he chaired a meeting of the PTI’s core committee where senior ministers and party leaders discussed the Senate elections and the upcoming anti-government long march.

“The objective of PDM’s long march is not to provide any relief to the masses but to seek an NRO,” said the premier. “Neither did I ever respond to pressure before nor will I respond to it now.”

PM Imran Khan, addressing participants of the meeting, stressed that the PTI had gotten elected to power to “change the system” hence compromising with those who had looted the country was out of the question.

“We have to keep all options in mind, including the possibility of fresh elections,” said the prime minister. “We have the support of the masses, hence will not back down on any forum.”

Speaking about his government’s efforts to stabilise the economy, the premier said he had, through tremendous difficulty and hard work, steered the country out of the economic crisis that it was facing.

“I am not among those who flee the battleground,” said PM Imran Khan, rejecting the notion that he was going to succumb to pressure in the face of growing protests from the Opposition.

Sources revealed that the prime minister reviewed the performances of the federal and provincial governments during the party’s core committee meeting.

Saifullah Niazi and Amir Kiyani briefed the premier on the PTI’s organisational matters.

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