PPP has been against PTI’s economic policies from day one, says Bilawal Bhutto

April 12, 2021 2:55 pm by Web Desk


KARACHI: PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday criticised the government’s policies, saying his party had been criticial of the “PTI-IMF’s” policies from the very first day.

Flanked by party leaders, Bilawal held a news conference to speak about the matters that came under discussion during the recently-held Central Executive Committee meeting of the party.

He spoke about the $500mn loan received by Pakistan from the IMF. “It [IMF deal] consistently targets the poor people of Pakistan,” he said, adding that the government is putting the burden on the shoulders of the poor.

“Neither the details of the PTI’s deal with the IMF have been shared with the people or their representatives,” he said. “Whatever knowledge we derived about is was due to the IMF’s documents,” he added.

He blamed the government for conducting “a historic attack” on the country’s economic independence, saying that through the draft State Bank of Pakistan ordinance that the Centre wanted to be passed, the government was ensuring that the central bank does not answer to the country.

“The PPP’s Central Executive Committee rejects it [the ordinance] and we will, even in Ramadan, start a campaign against this PTI-IMF deal,” he said.

‘Confusing, contradictory policy on Kashmir’

The PPP chairperson said the government’s policy on the contentious Kashmir issue was “contradictory and confusing”. He said it was the obligation of the government to represent and be the voice of the oppressed Kashmiris in their time of need.

He said the BJP’s manifesto spoke about annexing occupied Kashmir. “Despite that, during India’s election campaign, the prime minister of Pakistan said if Modi wins, only then the issue of Kashmir will be solved,” Bilawal stressed.

The PPP chairperson said “history will remmeber” this sentence by PM Imran Khan.

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