PTI revokes memberships of two aggrieved leaders

March 11, 2021 11:41 pm by Web Desk

  • PTI revokes membership after Aslam Abro and Shahryar Khan went against party policy.
  • The members had announced they would not vote for PTI candidates in Senate elections.
  • PTI committee suggests party to approach election commission against both members.

The ruling PTI on Thursday revoked the membership of two aggrieved members for going against the party policy in the Senate elections.

The membership of the Members of Sindh Assembly — Aslam Abro and Shahryar Khan — was revoked by the PTI standing committee on discipline and accountability.

Taking the unanimous decision, the committee recommended PTI leadership to approach the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) against both the members.

The party said the MPAs “disobeyed the party’s orders,” despite that, their side of the story was taken into account.

“However, after reviewing the evidence against them, [their membership was revoked],” the PTI said.

Aslam Abro was elected as a member of the Sindh Assembly from PS-1 Jacobabad, while Shahryar Khan was chosen from PS-18 Ghotki.

The MPAs had announced that they would not cast votes for the PTI candidates in the Senate election amid accusations from PTI that the PPP was pressurising its MPAs to change loyalties in the Senate polls.

Immediately afterwards, President PTI Karachi, Khurram Sher Zaman had said that three PTI MPAs had been kidnapped. “Their last location was in Defence,” he said, speaking to media. “These MPAs were in contact with us,” added Zaman.

‘They have no programme for Sindh’

Earlier, Shaharyar Khanhad alleged that the party issued tickets for the Senate elections to candidates from Sindh without consulting the MPAs of the party.

“I raised the problems of Sindh in front of the prime minister and the governor but they did not listen,” he had said. “They [PTI government] do not have any programme for Sindh.”

Khan had said that he and others would not vote for the candidates selected by the prime minister, adding that the party’s MPAs from Sindh were “upset with them”.

He said PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman’s statement about him and other MPAs being kidnapped was false. “Who can kidnap us? I am right here in my house,” he had said.

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