Twitterati roast BJP trolls after singer’s farmers protest tweet

February 3, 2021 8:18 pm by Web Desk

Pop icon Rihanna. — Pinterest/File

Pakistani Twitterati on Wednesday roasted the Indian, BJP trolls for supporting the farmers’ protest in India, which has managed to divide the country.

As is the case for most Indian and BJP trolls in particular, whenever someone dares criticise the government, the Indian media goes hysterical and starts pointing the finger at Pakistan.

Pakistani Twitterati seized the moment and reminded Indians on social media that Rihanna was not Pakistani.

Here are some of the hilarious memes that are doing the rounds on social media as the Rihanna hype refuses to die down:

Turns out, a BJP member on Twitter actually thinks Rihanna is a Pakistani. Rimmel Mohydin had something to say about that.

Hajra thought Indians thinking Rihanna is a paid Pakistani agent is the “highlight of the month”.

A saner voice from India reminded the BJP trolls how their criticism targeted towards Rihanna is ridiculous.

Someone hilariously pointed out how Rihanna didn’t sing “Dil Dil Pakistan”.

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