Prepare to take the CISSP certification exam that can turbocharge your cybersecurity career


If you are a cybersecurity professional with at least five years of experience, you can take the exam that will boost your career with an elite certification. Here’s a great way to prepare.


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Cybersecurity skills are among the most in-demand in the tech industry, and that isn’t likely to change any time in the near future with good reason. And Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is considered one of the most valuable IT security certifications for professionals and companies. It verifies your extensive experience and your ability to design, implement and manage a company’s cybersecurity initiatives. The (ISC)2 CISSP – 2021 Course can help prepare you to pass it.

(ISC)2 maintains an extremely strict qualification system that includes verifiable paid job experience for all its certifications. While the CISSP course was created to teach the eight core domains of information security in order to teach candidates everything they need to pass the CISSP exam, you are actually required to have five years or more of paid work experience in at least two domains before you can take the exam.

In addition to test preparation, however, this (ISC)2 training may also be used for team or individual training programs, as a reference for anyone managing an IT team or for new security personnel onboarding.

The course explains exactly what integrity, availability, and confidentiality are when applied to information security, as well as how to apply security design principles and use them to manage and implement engineering life cycles. It also demonstrates how to manage authentication and identification of people and their devices, how to classify information and supporting assets and more.

This (ISC)2 course consists of 90 lectures spread across almost 40 hours. It is provided, authored and presented by ITProTV, which is well-known for the effective yet entertaining talk-show format that is employed for the company’s IT training classes. With such engaging content, high production values, practice tests and virtual labs, it’s difficult to imagine just how this type of training could be any easier.

If you are an experienced security professional, don’t pass up this opportunity to prepare for the certification that will boost your cybersecurity career to an elite level, get The (ISC)² CISSP – 2021 Course today while it’s available for only $29 (normally $295).

Prices subject to change.

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