Prime suspect planned asylum in Poland


RAWALPINDI: A day after police found the body of missing Pakistani-American woman Wajiha Swati, further revelations have come to light in the murder, including the prime suspect’s intention of fleeing to Poland.

Police sources told Geo News on Sunday that Swati’s ex-husband, Rizwan Habib, who has been arrested for allegedly murdering her and who police claimed a day earlier had “confessed” to the crime, disclosed further details to the interrogation team.

According to the police, Habib revealed that his father — who has also been arrested on charges of aiding and abetting the murder — had said that “it would cost only Rs50,000 to kill Wajiha”.

Police said that Habib told the interrogation officers that he killed his ex-wife Wajiha with “a sharp instrument” and shifted her body to Hangu. They further said that Habib confessed to skillfully hiding Wajiha’s body in a car and taking it to a close relative’s house in Hangu. They further said that the suspect told police that he had planned to seek asylum and citizenship in Poland after the murder, for which he had obtained a passport.

On the other hand, sources within Swati’s family have confirmed that her body will be sent to the United States. According to the sources, Wajiha’s children have refused to bury their mother’s body in Pakistan, due to which the US embassy officials are making arrangements to send the body to New York.

Meanwhile, a court granted police further physical remand of Habib, handing him over for three more days. In addition, Habib’s father and a worker of Habib’s were also sent into police custody for three days.

The police said that they have to obtain the murder weapon and the car used to transport the body to Hangu from the suspects. They added that they have to probe the worker’s alleged involvement in transporting the body.

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