Qasim Suri may chair National Assembly session today


On Sunday, the National Assembly Secretariat emphasised that Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri had not resigned and that he would chair the Nation Assembly session on Monday to elect the country’s new prime minister.

Asad Qaisar, the Speaker of the National Assembly, resigned in the middle of the session on Saturday night. Following his resignation, the speaker handed the chair to Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of the panel of chairpersons to continue the no-confidence vote proceedings.

“Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri has not resigned and will preside over the National Assembly session on Monday (today),” according to a statement from the Assembly Secretariat. “Acting Speaker Suri paid a visit to the National Assembly Secretariat today,” the statement continued.

However, the secretariat added in a late-night statement that it was unclear whether he would chair the session because “he is also facing a no-confidence move.”

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