Ready to withdraw no trust move, If PM tenders resignation: Rana Sanaullah


  • Rana Sanaullah categorically rejected any option of having negotiations with the government.
  • Rana Sanaullah says we have required numbers to dislodge the government.
  • He says if government announce a sit-in then we will not spare them.

PML-N senior leader Rana Sanaullah said that only on one condition opposition could take back no-confidence motion and that is if Prime Minister Imran Khan announce resignation, Geo News reported Monday.

On Sunday, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry had extended a deal to the Opposition on the no-trust motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In his statement, the information minister said, “If the Opposition withdraws the no-confidence motion, let’s see what can be given to them in return.”

During his appearance in Geo News Programme Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Saath, PML-N Senior leader Rana Sanaullah said, “our no-confidence motion is not about dissolving assemblies, rather than it is to oust this incompetent government, who has ruined the economy and shown insensitivity towards the masses.

Furthermore, Rana Sanaullah categorically rejected any option of having negotiations with the government on the subject of no-trust-motion.

“Government don’t even bother to shake hand with the Opposition in last four years, therefore now, no dialogue will be held with the government,” he added.

Responding to the question that the government could offer the opposition something in return for withdrawing a no-trust-move against the PM, the PML-N leader said that the Opposition would not withdraw a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan at any cost.

“Only on one condition we can withdraw the no-trust-move if Imran Khan announces his resignation,” he said.

He further stated that he had information that the primary motive of the government’s rally at D-Chowk was not to bar lawmakers from going to the assembly to cast their vote, but rather that Prime Minister Imran Khan would announce his resignation at the rally that the ruling party had called a day before voting on the no-confidence motion.

Rana Sanaullah went on to say that we have the required numbers to dislodge the government, although negotiations with government allies are heading in positive directions.

Rana Sanaullah also warned the government to not stage a sit-in at D-Chowk as his party has also called for a massive power show.

“If the government wants to hold a rally a day before voting, surely it can do it, but if the government announces a sit-in, then we will not spare them,” he said.

Rana Sanaullah further said they had also called on party workers at D-chowk, adding that, “our party workers and supporters will chastise the ruling party as they will not find a way to escape.”

On the other hand, another PML-N leader, Talal Chaudhry, stated on Geo News’ Aapas Ki Baat that if Prime Minister Imran Khan announces his resignation, we will withdraw the no-trust motion.

PM Imran Khan tasks PTI leaders to gather 1 million people for Islamabad rally

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to hold a large rally of supporters and has tasked PTI leaders to gather one million people in the Federal capital for the purpose, sources said Saturday.

Sources said the massive rally will be held a day before the no-confidence motion session takes place, a date for which has not been decided yet.


Earlier on Saturday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that the government and Opposition should move towards “reconciliation”, adding that everybody should sit together and find a solution.

“The Opposition should show patience and tolerance,” he had said, following the uproar that stirred after PM Imran Khan’s hard-hitting speech in Lower Dir on Wednesday.

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