Sabeeka threatened with acid attack, death



Famous model Sabeeka Imam is the latest celebrity to receive death and rape threats online. The award-winning model took to social media and shared screenshots where someone had tagged her in a post where an Instagram user had tried intimidating Sabeeka with horrifying threats.

The model shared the screenshot on her profile and went on to add that she has contacted relevant authorities about the threats. Sabeeka, while posting the screenshot, tagged the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Cybercrime and British Council Pakistan.

The comment had read, “Get ready for acid attack, you p*rnstar.” The vile user went on to comment, “You are going to [be] removed from the society like Qandeel Baloch.” The user then threatened Sabeeka with an acid attack.

This, however, isn’t the first time a celebrity has to deal with horrible online threats.

Previously, actor Mashal Khan received a violent threat online in the form of a troll, whom she rightfully reported to the National Response Centre for Cyber Crime. The Suno Chanda actor hit back at the social media user, who hurled vile abuses at her in a comment while threatening to gather users who’d be willing to assist in ‘throwing acid’ at the starlet.

Mashal shared this comment on her Instagram Stories and wrote, “This is beyond disgusting. This person’s life must be really pathetic for them to hide behind a screen and [pass] hallow threats under my pictures. PS, Cyber Crime has been contacted.”

The horrifying comment read, “Guys, please help me to acid attack on this beshiya, Mashal Khan. She is beshiya and should be removed from our society; Mashal Khan, acid attack game on!”

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