Senate Passes the Protection Against Harassment of Women At Workplace(Amendment) Bill, 2022

The Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Amendment) Bill, 2022, as amended by the Senate, has been passed by the National Assembly. The Ministry of Human Rights created the bill in order to enhance women’s involvement in the workforce and to close gaps in Pakistan’s anti-harassment legislation. The bill expands the law’s reach and scope to embrace some professions and employment models that aren’t explicitly included in present laws. It provides harassment protection to persons in all types of jobs. The Bill aims to amend the definitions provided in the Act; particularly those of “complainant”, “employee”, “employer”, “harassment” & “workplace” to remove ambiguities that litigants have faced & to increase the scope of the workplace to include all forms & categories of work.
Women are regarded as development indicators, and their abilities and potential are widely recognized. Unfortunately, in every culture, there are a few perpetrators who advocate violence and mistreatment against women and place hurdles to their social and economic progress. Harassment is one of the most serious, irrational, and repulsive behaviors that may be found in many organizations. Though this sad truth is difficult to swallow, it reflects the current status of working women around the world and especially in Pakistan. Education, training, and prevention are the most effective approaches for combating sexual harassment. Women should be given the proper training to deal with such situations, as well as a safe working environment, and each institution should have rigorous internal standards in place to function efficiently. The protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Amendment) Bill, 2022, is surely the most urgent need of the hour.

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