Shaan asks PM Imran to continue ban on Indian films


Actor Shaan Shahid recently took to Twitter to ask Prime Miniser Imran Khan to protect the country’s “cultural borders” by continuing the ban on Indian films. The actor was met with a variety of responses on Twitter, with several users agreeing with his stance, while others found flaws in his request.

Shaan wrote, “PM Imran Khan, please protect the cultural borders of Pakistan. No Indian origin film should be released in Pakistan. As india has banned all the Pakistani content including singers, artists, films and music. Respect and equality must be a pivotal part in any trade.” 

After a user commented on how local cinema owners suffer when Indian films are banned due to the lack of local content, and that the responsibility of creating good content then rests on the shoulders of local filmmakers and actors, Shaan responded saying there was a lack of investment in Pakistani cinema. He wrote, “Then let’s import other stuff as well that we don’t find in Pakistan. That’s not how countries and nations are built. We must support and make our products world class and that cannot happen unless we have patriotic investors.” 

He added further in a separate reply, “A cinema is a retail outlet. They should be the first ones to invest in the infrastructure of films so [their] supply [doesn’t] dry out. It’s like opening a restaurant without a kitchen.” 

Another user wrote, “Don’t be afraid of your competition! Improve your content first. Except Pakistan, [the] entire Muslim world is showing Indian films. The 70s, 80s and 90s PTV set example how they beat Doordarshan at that time only due to their superior content.” Stating “respect” as his primary cause of concern in the matter, the actor asserted, “We are not afraid of the competition, they are. That’s why they have banned our artists and content. My point is respect and patriotism.”

A user, while agreeing with the actor’s point, wrote, “In the times when the world is already full of hate and barriers, let’s talk about bridging the gaps and taking the barriers down. Let’s strive to make them reciprocate with love in the form of shared arts both (love and arts) of which know no bounds.” In response, the actor simply stated, “In an ideal world, sure. But, in reality, not possible.” 


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