Shah Rukh Khan essays 7 avatars


After the massive hit that was Pathaan, the OG Indian cinema star is back with a bang. Shah Rukh Khan kept his promise and unveiled the prevue for his upcoming film Jawan. The action-packed sneak peek seems to hint at a return to Khan’s roots. That means that audiences may see the superstar embody the role of a villain, instead of a clear-cut hero.

With moral ambiguities and a voiceover that aims to capture the multi-faceted aspect of Khan’s character, the preview boasts seven different looks for the Bollywood icon. Larger-than-life and packed with sequences that promise high-octane exposition, the preview has fans excited and intrigued.

Talking about his diverse set of looks, Khan first appears as a police officer, exuding authority and intensity. This glimpse showcases his commanding presence, especially with a close-up shot that focuses on his eyes. The very next instant, the audience sees Khan sporting the attire of a soldier, embodying strength and resilience. It’s almost as if Major Ram from Main Hoon Na grew up and gave into his aggressive instincts for the worse. 

In yet another stunning shot, the Bollywood legend is seen with his face partially covered with a grey matter-like mask, almost reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera. The tinges of silver in his hair and the cane he holds add an air of mystery to his already enigmatic character. The audience then sees Khan as what can only be described as a warrior mummy; covered completely in bandages, wielding a weapon for destruction. This glimpse teases an intense battle scene and raises curiosity about the context of this visually striking avatar.

Perhaps the most “normal” look in the whole teaser is when Khan is surrounded by a sea of green, as he emerges wearing a red shirt and black pants. With a buff upper half, Khan looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, albeit with tinges of CGI visible, perhaps to de-age the 57-year-old star. 

The final two looks are essentially the same, with one huge difference. The audience watches Khan seated in a plaid shirt, his face covered with bandages. A smug smirk decorates his visage, and a gold lion ring is seen flashing on his index finger, perhaps denoting symbolism that will be evident when one watches the film. 

However, the very next instant, Khan begins unravelling the bandages, revealing a look that will, undoubtedly, have fans gasping for breath. From underneath the bandages emerges a bald Khan – a surprising twist, and an unexpected revelation for fans who have never seen him in such an avatar before. This transformation signals a departure from his conventional roles. A Joker-like dance sequence follows, where Khan alone performs Joaquin Phoenix-like moves while bald, making the look even more unnerving. 

It is pertinent to note that Khan says in the trailer, “Jab main villain banta hoon na, toh mere saamne koi bhi hero tik nahi sakta (When I become the villain, no hero can face me.)” If the preview and his past body of work are any indications, Jawan is already gearing up to be a massive success and a promising offering. 

Produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and backed by Gauri Khan, the movie boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, and Priyamani, with a special appearance by Deepika Padukone. With its release scheduled for September 7, 2023, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, Jawan is anticipated to deliver an explosive and thrilling cinematic experience.

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