Shahbaz Gill grilled over local ‘overseas Pakistani woman’


Combo of screengrabs (left and right) and picture of federal minister Shahbaz Gill (centre) Photo: PID/ Twitter
Combo of screengrabs (left and right) and picture of federal minister Shahbaz Gill (centre) Photo: PID/ Twitter

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill has come under fire on social media after sharing a video containing pro-PTI content to justify the popularity of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his rule.

The minister recently shared a video of a local Pakistani woman speaking in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s defence, saying that he is the only hope for Pakistanis.

“This is the daughter of this nation. This is intellectual freedom. I wish our great intellectuals could come out of their hatred and see this and be able to think,” Gill captioned the video.

The woman spoke passionately and said that there is no poverty and hunger in the country and that the locals believe that PM Imran Khan is the only honest leader, while all previous rulers were “thieves”.

However, netizens soon found out that the woman in Shahbaz’s video was actually a “social media paid actor” who is always seen defending the PTI-led government while speaking to the same “reporter”.

Social media users shared another video and screengrabs of the two videos, in which the same woman is making similar arguments, to troll Shahbaz for sharing content just to vindicate the government and prove the popularity of PM Imran Khan and PTI’s government.

Have a look at some of these social media posts:

A tweep posted the other video in which the same woman “pretended” to be an overseas Pakistani and told locals how lucky they are to have the privileges that overseas Pakistanis can’t have.

“Where is the poverty? Everyone is eating, drinking, wearing branded clothes which we can’t wear in England,” the woman said.

She went on to say that Pakistanis are “living a king’s life” as they now have the Sehat Card facility, while overseas Pakistanis don’t have it.

Another user took a swipe at Shahbaz, asking him “why is this daughter of the nation always on the road with the same anchor”.

He said that it’s more or less the third time he is watching “this daughter of the nation talking to the same man”.

“The place is different but the daughter of the nation and the anchor are the same,” he wrote.

Pakistani activist Jibran Nasir also poured in some sarcasm, linking the woman in two separate videos to the “Fiza-Shiza” scene from a Pakistani drama.

“Fiza (overseas Pakistani) and Shiza (local Pakistani) both support PTI,” Jibran wrote with a smile smiley.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user said: “Only if social media paid actors and trolls could shore up governments.

Shahbaz Gill grilled over local ‘overseas Pakistani woman’

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