Shahbaz Gill verbally abuses MNA Ramesh Kumar on live TV


  • Gill starts verbally abusing Kumar, calls him a “corrupt person”.
  • Gill shouts at Ramesh, calls him a sellout.
  • He accuses him of selling fake Cancer medicines in Punjab.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill on Thursday lost his cool and repeatedly used profanity against PTI MNA Ramesh Kumar on live TV.

During an interview with Dunya News related to the ongoing political situation in the country, Gill couldn’t control his anger and started verbally abusing Kumar, calling him a “corrupt person”.

He also repeatedly used abusive words against Kumar, paying no heed to the fact that he was speaking on national television. 

Earlier in the day, Kumar had severed ties with the PTI, saying that he is “no longer a part of the party,” Geo News had reported. 

Kumar had also claimed that “three federal ministers have quit the ruling PTI” ahead of the no-confidence motion against the prime minister. He, however, did not reveal the names of the ministers.

While speaking during the show, Gill shouted at Ramesh and called him a “sell-out.” He also accused him of selling fake cancer medicines in Punjab.

In response to Gill’s allegations, Kumar denied all of them and said “Imran Khan is a good person but he had the wrong advisers.”

In 2018, Ramesh Kumar had left the PML-N and joined the PTI.

‘Lotay have been identified in Sindh House’

After the videos of some disgruntled PTI MNAs from the Sindh House emerged today, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that some lotay (turncoats) have been identified after they feared that action would be taken against them.

Taking to his official Twitter account, the minister wrote: “Had they been conscientious, they would have tendered their resignations.”

He urged the speaker of the National Assembly to take action against these “traitors” and demanded a lifetime disqualification for them.

‘Sindh House to not be turned into horse-trading hub’

Earlier today, in a bid to thwart the Opposition’s no-trust move, the PTI political committee meeting, headed by PM Imran Khan, decided that Islamabad’s Sindh House will not be allowed to turn into a horse-trading hub, well-informed sources revealed.

The Sindh House started making headlines after a federal minister accused the PPP of using the building for its “nefarious designs.”

Sources privy to the matter said that the meeting decided to strictly monitor the lawmakers and Sindh House to ensure that no one falls prey to horse-trading.

Civilian intelligence agencies were directed to closely observe the location, mobile phone data and the movement of lawmakers, and report to the premier on a daily basis.

— Thumbnail image: PID/ NA of Pakistan

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