Sheikh Rasheed retracts ‘blackmail’ statement against PML-Q


Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed speaking during a press conference on Sunday, March 13, 2022. — Screengrab via Geo News Live.
Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed speaking during a press conference on Sunday, March 13, 2022. — Screengrab via Geo News Live.
  • Sheikh Rasheed claims he did not point out anyone in specific when he said that those who have five seats are blackmailing the PM.
  • Says he will never say anything against the Chaudhrys and prays for Shujaat’s good health.
  • Reiterates he is “standing with PM Imran like a brick wall.”

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Sunday retracted his statement — which was issued in an apparent reference to PML-Q leaders who have reportedly demanded the removal of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar — and clarified that he “did not point out any specific party.”

A day ago, Rasheed had said that “I am not like those who have five seats and blackmail the premier to assume the chief minister’s office.”

In today’s statement, the interior minister clarified that when he used the “blackmailing” reference, he did not name PML-Q or the BAP. Rasheed added that Chaudhry Shujaat “is my brother” and prayed for his good health. “I will never speak against him,” Rasheed said. 

We are standing with PM Imran Khan like a brick wall, he added and reiterated that the premier will finish his five years in the office.

“After two days, Imran Khan’s position will become clearer. Whoever stands with Imran Khan, the nation will respect them,” he claimed.

Answering a question related to the no-confidence motion, the interior minister said that the Opposition is doing what they always do. 

“I was once a part of the Opposition and we also used to make such futile claims,” he said. 

When asked about the National Assembly session, Rasheed said that the session has to be convened by the speaker and the decision of the speaker will be legal and constitutional. 

“The speaker’s decision cannot be challenged in any court. The days from March 22 to 30 are very important,” he said.

Yesterday, Rasheed and Minister for Water Resources Moonis Elahi came face-to-face when Rasheed told journalists in Quetta that he isn’t among those allies who “blackmail” Prime Minister Imran Khan for getting the top slot in Punjab.

In response, Elahi had said he respected the interior minister but asked Rasheed not to forget his past.

“Sheikh Rasheed might have forgotten that the leaders of [PML-Q] today are the ones who used to give money to him while he was a student,” the federal minister added.

In response to the interior minister’s comments, BAP President Jam Kamal Khan had also said: “Balochistan Awami Party takes its own decision, not Sheikh Rasheed.”

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