Rights to Responsibility – Gender Equality

May 23, 2018 10:14 pm by Web Desk

Rights to Responsibility – Gender Equality – Part II


We all talk about our right to one thing or the other. But do we ever stop to ponder if our rights are in fact also our responsibilities. In this show we talk about various issues, engaging students from different universities along with the faculty members and subject matter experts to talk about this shift in our communal mindset from Right to Responsibility.


Host: Asfandyar Yahya

Guest: Uzma Aziz(Lecturer), Dr.Shahid Habib(Lecturer)


Right to Responsibility – Gender Equality – Episode 06 – 23 May 2018


Timings: Tuesday @ 08:25 P.M (PST)

Watch More: http://dbtv.live


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