Sindh governor returns proposed building ordinance


Sindh governor returns proposed building ordinance

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has returned Sindh government’s proposed ordinance for regularisation of unathorised residential projects and buildings in the province, it had been learnt on Thursday.

The Sindh governor reportedly objected that the draft of the proposed ordinance didn’t contain any provision for penalising the people responsible for constructing unathorised buildings.

The governor also objected that the proposed ordinance must define a time period of construction of illegal buildings to regularise them, so that no building was regularised beyond that timeline. He also objected that the buildings under illegal occupation shouldn’t be regularised. He also observed that the decision of the proposed commission (to be set up to regularise illegal buildings) should be done either through majority vote or consensus among its members. Ismail also wanted the ordinance to clarify the number of members of the proposed commission and that they shouldn’t have any political affiliation.

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