Sindh to devise education policy to help trans community


The Sindh education department has decided to implement the province’s first-ever “transgender education policy” to help the transgender community get an education.

The announcement came after Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah held a three-hour meeting with leaders of the transgender community, including Bindya Rana of the Gender Interactive Alliance, Zehrish Khanzadi of the Gender Interactive Alliance, Shahzadi Rai of the Gender Interactive Alliance, and Dr Sara Gill of the Moorat Interactive Society.

Those in the transgender community who have not completed their schooling will be given the opportunity to do so. It was also determined that transgender people will be given the opportunity to work as instructors.

Content regarding the transgender community will be included to the curriculum as part of the policy for this community, so that the next generation can grasp it. The minister stated, “It will help pupils respect and create a space for these people.”

“There is no transgender policy whatsoever in Pakistan,” Shah told The Express Tribune.

A transgender person will be able to complete primary education in two years instead of five, thanks to the informal education system, he noted.

“Those who did not have the opportunity to receive an education will now have the opportunity to do so,” Shah remarked. He stated that the province government will assist this people in the area of education so that they may fulfil their societal obligations.

Rana told The Express Tribune after the conference that there were around 18,000 transgender people registered in Karachi. “In Sindh, there are roughly 40,000 transsexual people,” Rana remarked.

Rana went on to say that the meeting with the education minister was a watershed moment in the process of launching the community’s key goals. “After matriculation, most of our people are unable to continue their education,” Rana remarked, adding that the majority of the community members desired to receive an education.

“However, they will not be able to continue it due to financial constraints and societal taboos,” Shah said, adding that discussions to address transgender education policy will be held shortly. “I’m hoping to have it before the next school year,” he stated.

Partab Shivani, the head of Thar Education Alliance, commented on the matter, saying that people’s attitudes toward transgender individuals need to change. “It’s a fantastic endeavour if a community education policy is implemented and they are treated as human beings like everyone else,” he added.

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