Sindh’s Minister Meets Turkish Company Director, Calls for Foreign Investment in Transport


Sharjeel Memon, Sindh’s Minister for Information and Transport, met with Jamil Shin Ojak, Director of a Turkish company, Albayark. The meeting agenda was to discuss the procurement of European standard buses as part of Karachi’s public transport system. Memon presented the director with an opportunity to invest in Karachi’s public transportation, saying that the provincial capital offers lucrative business opportunities.

The Sindh Transport Department plans to introduce around 7,000 buses to the city, according to the minister. He went on to say that Karachi’s transportation system, which includes the Red, Orange, and Yellow lines, is being planned under a modern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

He also invited Ojak to set up a manufacturing plant in the Dhabeji Free Economic Zone. “There is no tax on import of manufacturing plant machinery in Dhabeji Economic Zone and will not be levied for ten years,” Memon added.

He also stated that the Sindh government is willing to work with Albayark on other possibilities, including a public-private partnership. He also said that the provincial government is willing to provide subsidies to public transport projects.

Sharjeel Memon emphasized Pakistan’s close diplomatic ties with Turkey and underlined his province’s enthusiasm to attract Turkish investments.
“During my recent visit to Turkey, I met with the Turkish Deputy Minister of Transport,” the minister recounted while saying that he had invited his Turkish counterpart to invest in Sindh’s public transport.
“We are proud to work in Pakistan,” Jamil Shin Ojak said, adding that his company runs the Lahore and Islamabad metro bus systems. He also mentioned his eagerness to expand the business to Karachi as it is the largest city in Pakistan.


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