Singh’s quirkiest outfits for ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ promotions


While fans of Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh adore him for his compelling acting prowess, the actor also turns heads with his eclectic and bold taste in fashion. Most stars choose solid black and white or neutrals for their formal wear and promotional outfits for films, but the Padmavaat actor has never shied away from going with bright colours and quirky prints to match his style and echo the energy of his characters.

Similarly, for his upcoming social comedy Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Singh has left no stone unturned when it comes to his wardrobe choices during the film’s promotions.

Laden in satin floral shirts, matching separates repping bright colours and graphic prints, Singh’s wardrobe also includes bucket hats, gold chains, diamond studs, striped pants, tinted sunglasses and pearl accessories to elevate his many looks. Here’s a lowdown of four of our favourite vibrant outfits from the promotions of his upcoming flick.

1. Sky on satin

For one of his promotions, the actor sported an ice blue satin shirt with white clouds digitally printed on its front. The shirt had strokes of pastel colours painted giving the sky a divine feel of a growing sunset time. Singh paired the soothing shirt with blue denim jeans and picked a matching pink bucket hat and sneakers to complete the look.

2. Flowers on stripes

Usually, if there’s too much happening at once, the outfit fails for not creating an easy on eye blend. However, that has never been an issue for Singh. He wore a floral shirt giving away a sunflower field vibe and paired it with red, yellow, orange and purple striped pants. As if this mad energy wasn’t enough, Singh accessorised his look with sunglasses, a gold chain with a flower pendant on his neck and diamond studs.

3. Pink ripples

Keeping up with the matching separates trend, Singh went with the flow and added his own style to the mix. He wore a bright pink set of matching separates that had block prints of sea waves storming on it. To finish off the look, the star added a long beaded pearl necklace and square-shaped pink sunglasses to the mix.

4. Sun and the moon

The phrase ‘over-the-top’ falls flat in front of Singh’s outfits. He wore a satin shirt with graphically designed black suns of different sizes all carefully placed on the shirt. The shirt was further fragmented in different neon shades to add shadows to the existing sun images. He paired the artsy shirt with monochrome loose pants featuring white moons all over a black base. The diamond studs and beaded pearl necklace made a comeback in this look paired with olive green sneakers.

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