STLA Medium EV platform claims long range, up to 382 horsepower


We don’t get to see it paired with a car yet, but Stellantis just revealed a bunch of details about its upcoming STLA Medium electric vehicle platform. As a reminder, this is just one of four that will ultimately come out, including STLA Small, Medium, Large and Frame. The “Medium” is specifically designated for vehicles in the C and D segments, but Stellantis isn’t explicitly saying which new models will sit on it.

At the very least, Stellantis is providing a boatload of specs to chew on. Maximum range for vehicles on the STLA Medium platform is said to be 435 miles when paired with a “Performance” pack and tested on the WLTP cycle. The “Standard” pack brings that max range down to 310 miles. Of course, expect those numbers to nosedive when tested on the EPA cycle. All those miles come courtesy of a 98-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which is the highest-range Performance pack. Stellantis hasn’t said what the standard pack capacity will be quite yet.

As for charging, all STLA Medium vehicles will feature a 400-volt electric architecture that will be able to facilitate charging from 20-80% in 27 minutes. A maximum charge speed is not yet specified.

Stellantis also claims an astoundingly efficient 4.43 miles per kWh, “depending on the application.” Basically, don’t expect all of the STLA Medium vehicles to touch that level of efficiency, but some might for WLTP testing. As for driving enjoyment, you can expect power output to range between 215-382 horsepower. STLA Medium cars will be available with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and come in body styles including “passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs.”

The platform allows for some flexibility in size, so wheelbase can range from 106-114 inches. Overall length will vary from 169-193 inches, and ground clearance maxes out at 8.66 inches, for those curious about how Jeep models might fare on this platform.

Stellantis says it’s going to deliver “best-in-class battery packaging cost,” explaining that despite various total energy options, the perimeter dimensions of the battery pack, common tray and cooling designs will remain constant. It also claims that the STLA family of platforms will be future-proof, as it’s engineered with provisions for future battery chemistries, including solid-state batteries. 

Capacity to build vehicles on the STLA Medium platform is scheduled to be installed in “several plants.” Stellantis says it will start in Europe, but also plans to outfit other plants across the world.

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