Stolen 1967 Shelby GT500 found stripped outside of Tulsa


A stolen 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 was recovered in a field near Tulsa, Okla., last week after a local tip led police to a farm field that housed multiple abandoned vehicles and other discarded items. According to KTUL News Channel 8 in Tulsa, the valued performance car had been stripped of many of its exterior panels before police located it, but some key items (including the engine and much of the cooling system) had not yet been pulled. 

“The GT-500 was covered with brush and cardboard boxes, and located in a very rural area near Mounds,” the Tulsa Police Department posted to its Facebook page with the photos accompanying this article. “The vehicle is intact, but the hood, doors, and front fender were all removed. The engine is intact, but the car has a lot of damage.”

“Auto Theft Detectives also found a stolen dump truck and a stolen sedan on the same property,” the department said. “Tips from the public and interviews led detectives to this area, where an aerial search was conducted that led to us finding the stolen Mustang.”

The car surely was worth more as a sum than as parts (Hagerty values ’67 GT500s starting at $120,000), except that it’s probably hard to sell such a high-profile item. Fortunately, though the thieves clearly made progress in extracting this old pony’s value, most of what remains appears to be relatively intact.

One of the suspects arrested in connection with the theft allegedly worked for a moving company hired by the GT500’s owner. The car was reported stolen from a locked warehouse. 

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