Switch to a well-paid tech career in 2022: Check out these 200+ IT courses


Training for a lucrative tech career is easier and less expensive than you might think. Check out these online courses on programming, cybersecurity, project management and more.


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Due to common misconceptions, some people shy away from trying to start a career in well-paid positions in cybersecurity and cloud computing. The fact is you don’t need any previous tech experience to begin training for those careers, nor do you have to spend a lot, go back to school or take forever to qualify for any of them.

Three years of access to over 200 full-length courses are available for under $200 if you get an ITU Online All-Access: 3-Yr Subscription today. The courses include practice exams, progress trackers and a note-taking function. Plus, there are more than 19,000 test questions that will help you pass important certification exams and develop practical skills that will be valuable whether you’re starting a new career or trying to accelerate advancement in your current role.

Some of the courses are specific to certain vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe, or cover the skills required to achieve certifications from CompTIA. But there are plenty of other courses that teach you general skills you’ll be able to put to use anywhere, including programming, IT fundamentals, cybersecurity, databases and cloud services. The general business courses cover marketing, project management, social media and more.

Regardless of whether you need entry-level courses to start a new career or want to learn skills to advance your career, you will find more than enough classes to help reach your goal.

ITU Online Training has been offering exclusively online IT training to over 650,000 students since 2012. The company has received industry awards, including Best in Biz and Cybersecurity Excellence.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to train for a lucrative tech career – get the ITU Online All-Access: 3-Yr Subscription for only $199 while it’s 50% off the regular price of $399.

Prices subject to change.

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