Taking law into hands against Shariah: CII


Sri Lankan national’s lynching: Taking law into hands against Shariah: CII

ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Monday observed that taking the law into ones hands on any issue was against the teachings of Holy Quran and Shariah.

The council demanded the Government ensure exemplary punishment to those involved in killing of Sri Lankan manager of a factory in Sialkot. “All those involved in the heinous Sialkot tragedy should be given exemplary and immediate punishment through proper course of law,” the CII unanimously recommended at its 226th meeting held here.

CII Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz presided over the meeting. Special Representative to the Prime Minister for Religious Harmony Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi was also present. Dr Qibla Ayaz told the media the CCI meeting strongly condemned the unlawful and brutal act of a mob in Sialkot. “All culprits should be given exemplary punishment,” he said adding that the Council members also appreciated the government for properly handling the matter and taking prompt action, which reflected Pakistan’s true face in the comity of nations. “We also appreciate the views expressed by the Jamiat Ulema Sri Lanka over the tragedy,” the CII chairman added.

Qibla Ayaz said there was still room for reforms in the judicial system, adding that the biggest problem than having law was implementation of the law.

A declaration issued at end of the meeting also endorsed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement of decorating Malik Adnan, who attempted to cool down the mob and save life of the Lankan manager, with civilian medals.

The meeting observed that the Sri Lankan government and people also expressed their satisfaction over handling of the issue with wisdom by the Pakistan government. The declaration said that there was need for judicial reforms so that trust of people in judicial institution could be restored. It was also observed that such acts of violence occur due to existence of violent material on the social media, which was against the Islam, Ideology of Pakistan and country’s Constitution.

The meeting also felt the need for creating awareness among masses that law should not be taken into their hands on any issue, adding that a narrative in form of Pegham e Pakistan of 2017 already existed there. The meeting also demanded that declaration adopted by the CII meeting should also be presented in the Parliament to get its mandate and for the purpose of undertaking proper legislation.

The CII also noted that Jamiat Ulema Sri Lanka also dispatched an appreciation letter to Allama Tahir Ashrafi to laud the Pakistan government and the role of country’s religious leaders in the wake of Sialkot tragedy.

The meeting also lauded security institutions and Punjab Police over performance of professional duties in handling and investigating the tragedy. It was also observed that there was need to devise a solid strategy and continue collaboration with ulema and religious leaders to find a long-term solution and avert such violent acts. The meeting also expressed pleasure over declaration of the OIC extraordinary session and was confident that it would achieve the objectives for which it was summoned.

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