Terms for Afghan govt recognition unjust, says Anas Haqqani


KABUL: The international community’s lack of recognition for the current Afghan government is unjust, an official of the Islamic Emirate said on Wednesday.

After nearly four months have passed since the fall of the country to the Islamic Emirate, foreign countries have yet to recognize the current Afghan government. The UN General Assembly voted to defer a decision on Afghanistan’s representation at the world body, meaning that the ambassador from the former government will retain his seat for the time being. The Islamic Emirate had proposed Suhail Shaheen as the new representative.

Anas Haqqani, a member of the Islamic Emirate’s political office in Qatar, said that imposing conditions and applying force would not pave the way for resolving Afghan problems. “This is the injustice of the world toward Afghanistan. Earlier they talked about (called for) peace and security and now they have imposed new conditions and say that these should be accepted,” he said.

In the wake of a political changes that took place in mid-August, Afghanistan has plunged into an economic and humanitarian crisis. There are also serious concerns about an imminent collapse of Afghanistan’s economy and banking system.

To recognize the Afghan government, the international community has demanded that the Islamic Emirate remain committed to the formation of an inclusive government, the rights of women, and human rights. As the existing crisis has engulfed the country in a variety of ways, a big part of the country’s population has been scrambling with severe poverty. Over $9 billion of Afghanistan’s central bank assets have remained frozen.

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