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Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear, even though your closet is overflowing with clothes? We’ve all been there when the thought of putting an outfit together becomes overwhelming. But imagine your closet being organised and full of clothes that you love and that you can easily pair together. Getting dressed in the morning would no longer be a time-consuming challenge but your new favourite ritual in whatever the occasion! That’s the magic of a Capsule Wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that remain timeless and can be expanded with seasonal pieces. The goal is to have fewer clothes but to be able to combine them all and thus create many different styles. By focusing on timeless basic pieces and essentials that fit you and that you love to wear, you will always know what to wear.

So if you’re struggling this season and want to know how to simplify your winter wardrobe yet always look perfectly put together? Here’s how you can create your own high-performance, cost-effective winter capsule wardrobe. We have created a list to guide you through all the must-have winter staples so that you can have your most chic season ever.

Knit Sweater

We’re all for statement knitwear but when it comes to your workplace, we think it’s best to keep your sweaters and cardigans sleek and fuss-free. Simple crewnecks will look expensive worn with tailoring, as well as soft, thin roll-necks. Avoid bulky weaves as they tend to look scruffy. If you’re worried about being cold, consider layering a seamless top or vest underneath.

Oversized Blazer

An oversized blazer is so much more versatile than people give it credit for. It’s a definite winter fashion staple and will even help transition your wardrobe to spring when the time comes. If you’re only going to have one oversized blazer in your wardrobe, opt for a black or neutral one. An oversized wool blazer is perfect for a winter capsule wardrobe because it will not only keep you warm, it will also work as a great layering piece with multiple outfits.

Turtleneck Shirts

Cotton turtlenecks are a must because these are so versatile that you can include them in your fall, winter and spring capsule. If you grab one in black and brown, you can create many stylish looks without even having a proper plan for the outlook. This piece is also perfect for winter because it can be worn on its own, under sweaters for an academic vibe, paired with a neutral blazer. And if you’re always cold, a wool turtleneck is also a great idea to add.

White T-shirt

The white T-shirt may not be the most exciting piece of clothing, but it is one of the most versatile, and trust us when we say that. The simple wardrobe staple can partner with nearly everything and look great. So, whether you’re rocking black pants, a leather jacket, a patterned skirt, maxi dress or jeans, you can never go wrong with this staple piece.


With comfort firmly on the list of requirements, no capsule wardrobe is complete without the addition of a stylish pair of sneakers. You still need to keep things looking smart, so no scruffy running trainers here please, we’re talking sneakers that stay in the fashion lane. Whether you’re into the chunky aesthetic or prefer the minimalist approach or sustainable options make sure sneakers find their way into your shopping baskets this winter.

Leather Tote Bag

Remember when bags were an integral part of your daily ensemble? When you do find yourself leaving the house for work, replace the flimsy canvas carryalls you’d usually pack your laptop and essentials in with a leather tote bag. It’s a small detail that’ll make your work outfits feel more pulled together.

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