The US Announces $308 Million In Humanitarian Assistance For The People of Afghanistan



Afghanistan is grappling with an extreme humanitarian crisis, with more than half the population facing severe hunger as winter grips the war-devastated country. According to International Rescue Committee, By late 2021, nearly half of Afghans were facing a food crisis or worsening food insecurity, the highest level ever recorded in Afghanistan and a 37 percent increase from six months before. As a result of food shortages, fast-rising food costs, and protracted drought, 55 percent of Afghans will face acute food insecurity by early 2022.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced America’s initial 2022 contribution of more than $308 million in humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan. The new funding brings total US humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and Afghan refugees in the region to nearly $782 million since October 2020. In addition, the US will provide one million more coronavirus vaccine doses through the World Health Organization’s vaccine cooperative, COVAX, bringing its total contribution to Afghanistan to 4.3 million doses.
As per a statement by White House Spokesperson Emily Horne, the assistance includes food, support for health care facilities and mobile health teams, winterization programs including emergency cash grants, shelter kits, heaters, blankets, and warm clothing, and logistics and transportation support to get supplies to the hardest-to-reach areas. She further said that the Us is committed to supporting the Afghan people.

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