This aquatic robot cleans waste from water surfaces


Waste on the water is an annoying form of pollution for many people who want to enjoy the watery scenic view at ports, marinas, lakes, and canals. IADYS came up with a solution to tackle waste on the surfaces of water with its water floating robot Jellyfishbot. Jellyfishbot is effectively a fully electric aquatic water Roomba that maneuvers around tight spaces to capture trash and other waste. Equipped with a waste net that can collect up to 20 gallons of waste, Jellyfishbot can be operated by remote control or autonomously. The autonomous feature lets users select their desired cleaning area by mapping it on the remote control and activating the autonomous function to finish the job. A fully charged Jellyfishbot can operate for six to eight hours. Three propellors move it forward, backward and sideways. To learn more about Jellyfishbot and its capabilities head over to the website of Jellyfishbot’s maker, IADYS

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