This Mac app bundle will turbocharge your productivity


The 12 apps in this bundle will not only speed up our work, they will also speed up your Mac, a combination that will send your productivity skyrocketing.


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Yes, it would be great if we could figure out a way to add more hours to our days, but we can at least free up a little more time out of our busy schedules by increasing productivity. Streamlining our workflows to become more efficient is one possibility, and speeding up our computers so they don’t slow us down is another. If you happen to have a Mac, then The Complete Limited Edition Mac Bundle contains a dozen apps that can help you achieve both of those.

Boost your Mac’s performance significantly by using BohoCleaner. Just one tap will clean up your cache, free up some RAM and uninstall apps. It will also make managing your login and startup items easier, as well as deleting duplicate and large files and a whole lot more. It’s not surprising this app has been awarded a perfect rating of five stars on both Product Hunt and MacUpdate.

Nothing gums up the works on a computer like malware, so keep your Mac safe with RealVPN. Enjoy complete anonymity, high-grade data encryption and speedy servers around the world that allow you to enjoy your favorite content regardless of your location. Not only can you connect up to five devices at a time, but this subscription is for a lifetime. So, worries about your online safety are forever in the past.

Lost passwords are another common cause of wasted time. That won’t be a problem anymore with a lifetime subscription for Sticky Password Premium. One master password known only by you will manage strongly encrypted passwords created for all your accounts. You’ll automatically be logged in safely to all recognized accounts, and online forms will be filled in automatically using your saved info.

How much time have you spent in the past trying to work around PDF docs? PDF Reader will certainly allow you to easily add, replace or delete text without exporting docs, but it also lets you add comments, remove any unwanted pages, combine multiple imported PDF files into just one and much more.

If your visual apps are holding you back because they aren’t fully-featured enough, you may be happy to find at least two apps that can help. Flame Painter 4 offers unlimited brush styles and you can endlessly customize how they look and work. It not only has vector layers, but vector images can also be imported and converted.

You can also level up your video tasks with some extremely cool effects by using XSplit VCam Premium. It allows you to blur your backgrounds or change them to the webpage, video or image of your choice. Even your mobile devices can be used as webcams. Now you can add much more interesting and useful visuals to video calls, interviews, remote work, customer support, consultations, game streaming and more.

There are six more apps in this bundle that can help you get more done in less time. You may end up with so much extra time, your next step could be trying to configure your Google workspace to accommodate a vacation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your work and your Mac run more efficiently: get The Complete Limited Edition Mac Bundle now while it’s available for only $18 (normally $1,040) when you use promo code MACBUNDLE40.

Prices subject to change.

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