Three horsemen arrested for defrauding Scottish vlogger at Karachi’s Seaview beach


Courtesy: Dale Philip/Twitter
Courtesy: Dale Philip/Twitter 

KARACHI: The Karachi police on Saturday claimed to have arrested three horsemen for defrauding Scottish vlogger Dale Philip at Karachi’s Seaview beach.

The Darakhshan police took action after a video clip went viral on social media. In it, the horsemen can be seen misbehaving and defrauding a tourist at the seaside, according to a report published by

This is the second such incident in over a month.

Sharing a video of the incident on his Twitter handle, YouTube vlogger from Scotland, Dale Philip wrote: “My first real negative experience in Karachi. 99pc of people there are good but eventually, I had to run into some criminals.”

The video shows Philip and the horsemen agreeing on a ride to Chunky Monkey, an amusement park located alongside the beach, for Rs200 and then the ride starts.

After observing that the horsemen are taking him in the opposite direction, Philip asks a question about the ride. Meanwhile, one of the horsemen, who is riding along with Philip, tells him that it is a “long ride”.

When Philip asks him how much it would cost, the horseman avoids giving a clear answer and continues the trip.

After sensing the intentions of the horsemen, the tourist reminds him that they had agreed on Rs200 for the ride, and the horsemen eventually tells him that it will take 20 trips to reach Chunky Monkey.

In the video, Philip can be heard repeatedly asking the horseman to stop so that he can get off the horse, but they ignored him.

Philip was left shocked when the horsemen demanded Rs5,000 instead of Rs200 at the end of the ride. The tourist, however, refused to pay the amount and uploaded the video on social media.

Later, thanking the Karachi police, Philip posted a photo of one of the horsemen behind bars on his Twitter handle and wrote, “He tried to earn a living by cheating people, but now he’s living behind metal bars thanks to Karachi Police.”

“Hopefully, he learns there’s no need to cheat foreign tourists. Most will give extra payment if they were shown a good experience and treated in an honest way,” he added.

Confirming the report, SSP Ijaz told the publication that the detained horsemen were identified as Jehanzeb, Maqsood and Ahsanullah.

Last month, Australian vlogger Luke Damant was touring Karachi when he wished to take a horse ride at Karachi Seaview. In his vlog, the young boy demanded Rs200 for one ride.

However, at the end of the ride, he changed his demand to Rs300 and then Rs3,000.

The vlogger tried to negotiate but the horse owner refused to budge. In the end, the conversation took an aggressive turn and local men intervened. They ended the scuffle by paying him Rs1,000.

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