Toyota GRMN Yaris revealed as even meaner street and rally performer

The Toyota Yaris took its first hardcore motorsports turn when it evolved into the rally-focused GR Yaris. At the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, the GR Yaris has made its own hardcore motorsports evolution into the GRMN Yaris, a limited-edition scorcher that drivers can continue to evolve after the sale with help from Toyota. There will be just 500 units made for the Japanese market in one of three versions: Base, Circuit Package and Rally Package. All start with the base, which Gazoo Racing improved over the standard Yaris with 545 more spot welds and 12 more meters of adhesive to increase body rigidity. In addition to the carbon fiber roof that’s already a feature of the GR Yaris, a carbon fiber hood saves even more weight. A leaner interior shorn of infotainment system and back seats, and fitted with new Recaro bucket seats, helps save 44 pounds on the Circuit Package, and 66 pounds on the Rally Package compared to the GR Yaris that’s been available since 2020. Output from the 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine stands at 268 horsepower and 287 pound-feet of torque.

The Circuit Package has been honed for finished surfaces. This grade gets a lower front lip spoiler, carbon fiber rear spoiler, extended side skirts, adjustable Bilstein dampers and a set of BBS GRMN 18-inch wheels hiding bigger brakes. This package is 10 millimeters wider than the base car, and its height is 20 mm higher while ground clearance comes down by 10 mm, and slips on tires that are five millimeters narrower in front. A closer-ratio six-speed gearset uses a new lower final gear, and the cogs themselves are put through a new manufacturing process for improved torque and fatigue strength. The Torsen limited-slip differentials in front and back on the base and Rally Package are replaced by mechanical LSDs. Finally, this one can be had in a Metallic Steel hue that will be held to just 50 examples.

The Rally Package, even more finely tuned to the GR Yaris’ original purpose, fits new GR shock absorbers and stabilizer bar, a set of GR underbody guards and a roll bar inside the cockpit.

Reservations began today and will run through February 28, with winners to be chosen by lottery and notified on March 9. Buyers can customize their cars in the spring, deliveries are expected sometime this summer. Before lottery winners receive their cars, Toyota plans to keep owners who choose to do so living the factory motorsports experience with the Personalization Program. For this, drivers can run their cars at certain circuits around Japan, then have Toyota individually tailor their vehicles based on the driver and data feedback. Engineers will be able to adjust steering input, ECU parameters, power distribution, damper and spring rates, and aero components. After that, the GRMN Yaris will be delivered in the summer. Further post-sales upgrades can be bought at GR Garages through the Update Program, which will offer parts and software mods as well as “engine strengthening, driving control improvements, etc.” These Update Program goodies will be available to Japanese owners of the GR Yaris as well.

The base GRMN Yaris starts at 7,317,000 yen ($64,100 U.S.). The Rally Package needs 8,378,764 yen ($73,400 U.S.), Circuit Package goes for 8,467,000 yen ($74,200 U.S.) for the few hundred folks who manage to win the chance to buy them.

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