UN Designates March 15 as International Day to Combat Islamophobia


The UN General Assembly adopted, by consensus, a resolution, introduced by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC, that declares March 15 as International Day to Combat Islamophobia, saying it was aimed at promoting a culture of tolerance ad peace globally.

The resolution strongly deplores all acts of violence against persons on the basis of their religion or belief and such acts directed against their places of worship, as well as all attacks on and in religious places, sites, and shrines that are in violation of international law.
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday felicitated the Muslim world as the United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution to Combat Islamophobia.
“I want to congratulate the Muslim Ummah today as our voice against the rising tide of Islamophobia has been heard and the UN has adopted a landmark resolution introduced by Pakistan, on behalf of OIC, designating 15 March as International Day to Combat Islamophobia,” PM Imran Khan Tweeted.
“Today UN has finally recognized the grave challenge confronting the world: of Islamophobia, respect for religious symbols & practices & of curtailing systematic hate speech and discrimination against Muslims. The next challenge is to ensure implementation of this landmark resolution,” he further stated.

The credit for introducing the day also goes to Pakistan as it had presented a resolution in this regard at the 47th session of foreign ministers of the nations forming the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council, held in Niamey, Niger in 2020.
Since then, the 57-member organization has been working with the international community to commemorate the day.
PM Imran Khan has been calling upon the leaders to act against Islamophobia and “act collectively to counter growing phenomenon in non-Muslim states” at the world platforms including the UN General Assembly.
He has also regularly highlighted the appalling rise in Islamophobia and associated hatred in his addresses to the UN General Assembly, pointing towards its serious ramifications.
Islamophobia has already led to negative profiling, mob lynching by cow vigilantes, discriminatory laws, attacks on women wearing hijab, a ban on minarets, and attempts to link and equate Islam with terrorism.
Meanwhile, Pakistan will also be hosting the 48th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers on March 22-23 to further discuss the topics related to Islamophobia, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine.


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